About Us
Who We Are:
A new church movement in Murfreesboro Tn.

Why we would start a church like this? No building. No worship band. No permanent location. No age divided ministries to start. Simple. Read the book of Acts. The church was born and thrived under persecution without any of the things that we who live now are accustomed to in Christian faith circles.

More specifically…..

1. We want to be a church that is as true to being the body of Christ in the world as we can be. 1 Corinthians 12 teaches us that the church is a body not a building. We are part of an organism not an organization so to speak. A body lives and moves. It is not tied to a fixed locale. If the body of Christ is needed on the North side of town we will go there. If the body is needed on the West side of town we will go there. We are going to go to the need. We will not ask the need or the needy to come to us.

2. We want to be as flexible and cost efficient as possible. Things have improved financially for many lately but there are still a lot of people with a lot of needs. If money is to be spent then it needs to be spent on people and needs not on buildings and property. Jesus and the apostles did just fine without an address. They met needs. We need to follow the example. So if we need to have a church service or a bible study there are any number of free places we can meet.

3. We want everyone to feel welcome. As a church body that is focused on serving others we hope to appeal to every person who has a yearning in their heart to do something to better this world. No one is going to be turned away. We all belong when we unite for a common cause. We hope to eliminate distinctions and all the common dividers with the powerful love of Christ, using our various gifts to bless and reach people. White collar, blue collar, no collar. Large and small, rich and poor. Working families, retired folks, formally educated and street smart. Home schoolers, private schoolers, public schoolers. No one will care. Tats and piercings. Suits and boots. Flops and heels. We are all just people. Dark or light or somewhere in between. Skin is just the covering God gave us to keep us together and make us beautiful.

A Plan of Action

October 2019: Beginning the first week of the month an online Bible study will begin via fb live at the serve-church of Murfreesboro page. The study will be on the book of Acts (the fifth book of the New Testament in any Bible). The study will last apx 60 minutes but certainly not longer than 75. Specifics of the night and time are TBA via this page and fb. This will be a weekly study that can be joined live or watched later. It will be interactive so we encourage you to type in those questions. After Acts is completed we will turn to the gospel of John.

January 2020: Beginning the first week of the new year we will add an in-person location to the weekly study. This will be located in the 37129 area of Murfreesboro Tn. The in-person study will coincide with the fb live weekly feed. Specifics of locale and time are TBA this page and fb. March 2020: Beginning apx the first day of spring opportunities to serve the community will begin. Weekly projects that you can be involved with on a regular or casual basis will be planned for each week. Days and times will be varied as the needs of the projects will be varied. Some will only last about an hour. Others will last up to 3 hours. Projects that can be planned ahead and set in the calendar will be. Projects that need a quick response will be offered via web and fb pages. All projects will be as casual and family friendly as possible.

March 2021: After 1 year of working together and 17 months of studying together plans will begin to be unfolded to become an official local church. Membership will be (of course) completely optional. serve-church is distinctively Wesleyan. To gain a better understanding of what this means please visit the home page of the Wesleyan Church at Wesleyan.org.

Continually: check the fb feed and the web page to learn about serve-church and the ministry that will be accomplished. Follow us on fb and get the latest updates as they become available.

A Foundation of Belief

The Wesleyan Church is a Holiness Church. We believe…

– In the Holy Trinity: God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

– That the Bible is perfect word of God, both Old and New Testaments. The Bible contains all necessary information for persons to be saved from sin and live a life of faith.

– That God has a plan for every person and every family. That plan includes salvation from sin, a life of faith presently and eternal life in heaven for eternity. It is up to each person to choose to follow this plan.

– That Jesus Christ died on a cross for the forgiveness of our sins.

– That every believer can be filled with the power and presence of the Holy Spirit.

– That the Church is the body of Christ in the world today made up of all who have accepted Christ as Lord and are living by faith in him.

– That every person has judgment to face and a destiny that is determined by God’s grace and our response to it.

– That Christ is coming to earth again.

– That as followers of Christ we ought to regularly celebrate the sacraments of the Lord’s Supper and baptism of new believers.